Understanding Rights for Criminal Charges

May 2, 2016

Being charged for any criminal offense can be a very traumatic experience. When this occurs it is best to contact a competent criminal lawyer immediately. Even before any charges have been filed, those who believe they could become a suspect or charged with a crime should engage counsel as soon as possible to assure that their legal rights are fully protected.

Legal System

While laws are basically designed to protect the rights of people, there are also pitfalls to be aware of in the judicial system. Every person is proposed to be innocent until proven guilty. The trick is to understand that all actions from the point of being charged are recorded and could be used in the case against them. Below is some information to be aware of concerning the criminal process where Constitutional rights are concerned.


1. Miranda Warnings. Many people are not aware of how serious the Miranda warnings are meant to be. Television shows rattle off the words so quickly that they are almost inconsequential.

However, the negative impact that making any potentially incriminating statements can cause can be nearly irreparable. This is why it is necessary to engage legal counsel to ensure that your rights are protected.

2. Search and Seizure. Because it is so misunderstood, many people agree to search and seizure without proper authority. This can cause serious issues when evidence is provided voluntarily and it is used against themselves.

3. Warrants. The Fourth Amendment protects all citizens from unlawful search and seizure. That means the police may not enter your house or business without a valid reason for which a warrant was issued.


1. Counsel. The Sixth Amendment provides that defendants have the right to a criminal lawyer prior to speaking with any authorities or court appearances.

2. Self-Incrimination. The Fifth Amendment protects the right against self incrimination.

3. Speedy Trial by Jury. The Sixth Amendment guarantees that those accused in criminal prosecutions have the right to a quick and public trial with an impartial jury.

Protecting Your Constitutional Rights

Whether a person is brought in by detectives or police for questioning or has been charged with committing a crime, it is very important to ensure that all of their rights are fully protected.

Competent legal representation with a professional criminal attorney assures that you will be treated fairly through the questioning, arrest, evidence and court processes. Only an attorney can fully explain how each aspect affects the charges.

Therefore, if you have been or suspect that you could be charged with any criminal offense, contact a local criminal lawyer immediately to discuss your case, prior to having any discussions with law enforcement.

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