4 Ways to Contest a Speeding Ticket

January 6, 2017

While it is considered a relatively minor infraction, a speeding ticket could have serious secondary consequences. For instance, fines and surcharges could be as much as $500 or more depending on where you are pulled over and how fast you were going. Depending on your prior record, a citation for speeding could result in higher insurance rates or a license suspension. Fortunately, there may be ways that you can contest a ticket in court.

Auto - Car Black and White Was There Anything Wrong With the Radar Gun?

If there was an error with the way that the radar gun used to determine your speed was calibrated, it may create enough doubt to get the ticket thrown out. It may also be possible to claim that the gun was used improperly or that it was not tested prior to use in accordance with state or local laws.

Auto - Car Black and White Exceeding the Speed Limit May Not Be Illegal

In certain circumstances, it may be allowable to go over the posted speed limit. For instance, it may not be safe to do the speed limit if other drivers are driving much faster than you are. This is known as keeping up with traffic, and failing to do so could result in an accident. In some states, the speed limit is not actually a legal limit. Instead, it is merely an assumption that going above this limit is not safe, which may or may not be backed up by any objective evidence.

Auto - Car Black and White Did the Officer Actually See You Speeding?

It is possible that another driver or pedestrian called in a report about a vehicle matching your description going too fast for road conditions. However, if an officer doesn’t actually see your vehicle going too fast for road conditions, there is no objective way to determine if you have actually broken any laws. It is also incredibly difficult or impossible to determine exactly how fast a vehicle was traveling in the absence of a radar gun.

Auto - Car Black and White Cite a Mechanical Defect With Your Vehicle

If the speedometer in your car or truck is not working properly, you may be going faster than you thought when an officer pulls you over. If you can establish that you weren’t willfully breaking the law, it may be possible for a judge to reduce or throw out your ticket. However, ignorance of the law is generally not a defense, so this may be an option of last resort.

A speeding ticket can result in higher insurance premiums and a fine that can make it harder to pay your bills this month. Therefore, fighting your speeding ticket may be worth your time and effort. By learning and asserting your rights in court, it may be possible to have the ticket and its associated penalties dropped completely.

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