How to Choose a Copyright Lawyer in Canada

February 7, 2017

Copyright infringement is a common phenomenon your business cannot avoid if it has an online platform. There are many forms of copyright infringements in Canada. Most of them are complex and require the legal assistance of a franchise lawyer. A lawyer will help you to file a case and navigate the complex legal processes involved in copyright infringement. Here are some of the things you need to consider when hiring a copyright lawyer.

Ask for recommendations

You need to ask for recommendations from friends, relatives or family members. Make sure you go to someone you trust. There are malicious people out there who may refer you to someone they know will make things worse. Also, ask those who have had an experience with a copyright lawyer for effective results.

Do your homework

You should look for a lawyer after you have identified the company or the individual responsible for the infringement. You can always get the information about the infringer from his website, ISP provider or hosting company. Look for a lawyer who is skilled in copyright or business law. You can search online for prospective lawyers. Look at the lawyer’s website and see the services he offers. Determine if there is any list of references provided on the site. Make sure you check online reviews and see what people say about the lawyer. A good lawyer should have a higher percentage of positive reviews.

Schedule interviews

Make a list of three to five prospective lawyers from your online search results. The list should be short because too many lawyers can be expensive and time-consuming. Schedule a physical or remote interview with each one of them. You need to prepare objective questions on how the lawyers will help you to win the case against the threat to your trademark Canada. During the interview, ask them about the strategies they have in place to handle your case and influence a positive outcome. Ask them about the number of years they have been business and how many cases they have successfully handled so far. Also, request them to give you a list of references.

Contact the references

You need to contact the references in order to get their side of the story. You can either visit them or call them. Ask them about their overall experience with the lawyers. Let them tell you how the lawyer handled their case and how long it took for the infringer to get the right conviction. Someone who had a good experience will be more than willing to tell you what transpired from the beginning to the end.

Make your decision

This is the most crucial step towards protecting your Canadian franchise. Determine how each lawyer handled your question and what the references said about them before you make the final decision. You may be able to learn more information at Hoffer Adler.

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