The Truth About Personal Injury Lawyers

May 6, 2016

It is easy to make light of an advertisement seen on television where a law firm is offering clients help if they have been seriously injured in an accident. That is, unless the viewer has actually been seriously injured due to the negligence or fault of another person. The truth of the matter is that there is a definite need for trained professionals to help the injured navigate the quagmire of the legal system, because the insurance company is simply not going to help.

There are two giant industries in the world today. Most people immediately think of energy and manufacturing. However, it is insurance and pharmaceuticals. Insurance advertises by using trusted actors, adorable animal characters and humor. Some insurance companies assure consumers that they will be there for them when things go bad. All they need to do is get a good policy and pay their premiums.

To a degree that portrayal is true. Simple claims such as a fender bender are easy to resolve quickly. The insured pays a co-pay, and the insurance company writes a check for the rest. This relationship breaks down quickly when the claim could cost an insurance company millions of dollars. This is where a personal injury lawyer can make the difference between a seriously injured person getting the help that is needed or not receiving any at all.

Insurance has always and will always be a for-profit business. They have investors who want to see the company make a profit. Insurance companies make bigger profits by collecting more premiums and paying out as little as possible. They have super complicated algorithms that are used to determine risk and how much the monthly payment for a policy should be. This is one of the reasons that life insurance policies that have a big payout always require a medical examination.

A short stay in a hospital and some back wages are usually not an issue for an insurance company when making a payout on a claim. However, a seriously injured person that will need a lifetime of medical care and compensation for the spouse and children due to lost earning potential will meet with a fight. It is highly unlikely that an insurance company will just write a check for what is truly needed. Sure, they will attempt to settle quickly without involving the courts or a lawyer. Some actually will settle for an amount of money that will not even cover the long term medical bills.

Trained personal injury law firms have a full legal staff that is experienced in the reality of costs that a family will face when thrust into a situation where someone has been seriously injured due to any sort of accident. The stress of the situation has everyone shortsighted. A dollar amount offered by an insurance company as a settlement may seem adequate until the real costs are calculated.

Who will make up for the lost wages? Who will pay for home care? Who will pay for specialists to perform surgeries years from now? Who will pay for continued rehabilitation therapy that may take years? Who will pay for adaptive equipment such as a vehicle for transportation? Who will put the kids through college? A good lawyer will help you find the right answers to these questions.

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