Tips to Help Save Money When Planning a Funeral

February 19, 2017

Funeral services provide bereaved friends and family members an opportunity to mourn together as well as time to celebrate the life that was lived. Many families will plan at least a modest service for a deceased loved one in funeral homes across the country. However, regardless of your location, services at funeral homes can be difficult for families to pay for, and this is particularly true if the death occurred suddenly or if there is no life insurance money available to pay for the service. These tips can help you to keep costs to a minimum while planning a beautiful service.

Explore All Options Carefully
One of the most important tips you can follow when working with funeral homes is to compare the cost of services carefully. Each has its own way of structuring pricing, whether you are planning a casket service or a cremation service. There may be some benefit in paying for specific services, and some homes may require that you purchase a minimum level of services through the homes. However, these minimal services vary. Therefore, pay attention to the services offered, and compare the options closely.

Write Your Own Obituary
Obituaries are announcements regarding the passing of the deceased, and they sum up the life of the deceased as well. Many people outsource this task to a funeral home, but you are more familiar with the life that was lived than a third party. By writing your own obituary, you may enjoy a sense of closure and healing. Many mourning individuals find that doing something positive to prepare for the funeral channels their energy toward healing.

Print Your Own Service Programs
If writing is not your forte, you may be thinking about other things you can do to positively help with the service. Creating and printing your own service programs is a wonderful idea. You can find great examples online, and you can easily print and fold these with other family members who may also want to contribute their efforts during this difficult time.

Create Your Own Video or Picture Montage
It is increasingly common for funeral homes to air a video or picture montage during the opening of the service. This gives mourners something focused on the deceased to view as they wait for the service to begin. If you have technology skills, you can use one of the many user-friendly programs to put together your favorite videos or still pictures into a montage.

As you can see, these are all services that the funeral home may charge you, but they also are tasks that can aid in the healing process. While it initially makes sense to have a funeral home do as much as possible to take stress off your shoulders during your time of mourning, many of these tasks mentioned have a healing element to them. In this way, you can save money as well as promote healing after losing a loved one. You may find the information and resources available at Aftercare Cremation & Burial Service to be very useful.

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